Frandy Tree
Photo courtesy of Stravaiger

On Wednesday, 1st May our regular fortnightly storytelling session took place, as usual, in The Woolpack Inn, Tillicoultry.

Our theme this time was “Spring”.

We heard several stories with trees at their heart.  We listened to “The Wonderful Tree,” in which, during a drought, all the trees die except for one, which can supply all creatures with food… only if the magic word is spoken.

“The Shepherdess and the Tree” told the tale of an orphaned girl, taken in by a shepherd who taught her his shepherding skills.  On the first day the girl had sole responsibility for the flock, her curiosity got the better of her, and fairy magic and mischief came her way!

We also listened to “Saving the Forest”, in which the people of Scotland must find an ingenious way of saving their forests from devastating fires.

“The Wonderful Tree” is an African folk tale in which during a long drought, Monkey, Elephant and Lion all  try to remember the magic word to wake up the sleeping tree which will give them limitless fruits of many varieties.  However, only slow and steady Tortoise completes the task successfully.

We then heard an original poem from one of our newest members, titled “The Green Man”.

After that, we listened to “The Queen of the May”.

“Auld Cruivie” told the story of Jack, who yearned to witness the trees dancing on Midsummer’s Eve.

In “The Monster of Raasay”, a lonely but greedy man agrees to give said monster her baby back, but only if she can grant his three requests.  Of course, he tries to make the last request impossible, in order to keep the baby monster, of whom he has become quite fond.

We all had a most enjoyable evening once again.