On Wednesday, 3rd July, our fortnightly session had the theme of “A Different Perspective”.  We also heard some tales about castles, as the previous session was cancelled.

First, we heard the story of The Myretoun Maid, as told from the perspective of her father.  This is a very well known local story about a Tullibody woman called Martha who fell in love with the local priest but sadly their romance did not last as the priest cast her aside.  You can still visit the maid’s grave in the old graveyard in Tullibody.

Next we listened to the tale of The Princess and the Pups, in which a baby princess is stolen away by a fearsome giant.  Her father, the king, must enlist the aid of men he meets on the road in order to get his daughter back.

After that we were entertained by a poem, Your Home is Your Castle, composed by one of our long-standing members.  It reminds us that a warm welcome makes any home a castle.

Our penultimate story was The Fairy Flag.  This flag was, so legend tells, given to Clan MacLeod by the fairy folk and led the clan to victory in battles.  It was to be used only three times… only twice was it required.

Last of all we heard a self-penned tale, The Dragon Princess.  A queen gives birth to twins, but one is a dragon.  It relates events in the lives of the two princesses as they grow up.

Once again it was a wonderful evening, enjoyed by all.