The Law
Photo courtesy of Stravaiger

Come along and join us at the Woolpack Inn, Tillicoultry, on Wednesday, 1st May from 7.30pm til 9.30pm for an evening of tales loosely based on the subject of “Spring”.

Choose to listen to stories and perhaps poems told by our members or perhaps you’d like to tell one of your own.


On Wednesday, 17th April, our storytelling session had the theme of “Trickster Tales”.  We were treated to a variety of stories and poems on this theme.

Firstly, we listened to the tale of “Kitty Illpretts and the Giant”.  Kitty was the youngest of three sisters. a poor but clever girl working for the king, who brought good fortune to her elder sisters and herself by outwitting the giant who lived nearby.

The second offering was the true story of “Gregor MacGregor”, who conned and lied his way through life in the 19th century.

Thirdly, a poem was told, “The Trickster”, composed by one of our members herself.  It told of the trickster in her house, who left a mess behind them, ate all the biscuits and left wet towels on the floor.  Perhaps you have a trickster in your house?

Next up was another original poem, “My New Friend”.  It told a tale of  romance fraud, an all too common form of tricks in the internet age.

Our penultimate offering was “The Devil and the Farmer”, set in Fife, after a terrible storm destroys a farmer’s grain store.  An odd wee man comes to his rescue… or does he?

Our last story was “A Home of Their Own”, a Swahili tale of the unlikely “house share” between a leopard, a hare and his ever growing family.

We enjoyed a wonderful evening once again, in the comfortable setting of The Woolpack Inn, Tillicoultry.