“We had a wonderful evening and every family I spoke to commented on how much they had enjoyed the event.  The stories kept everyone enthralled throughout.  The use of puppets and soft toys captured the attention of our younger listeners and the local tale was enjoyed by all (with many commenting that they had not heard it before).

Thank you for supporting our story and supper event.  Your exciting stories were thoroughly enjoyed by all.  The evening was made even more magical thanks to your input!”

Headteacher, Fishcross Primary

 “I enjoyed this experience and meeting other people, realising you’re not on your own.”
 “I enjoyed the encouragement and similarities of women attending. I thought it was a really positive experience and it encouraged me to open up.”
 “It was really good and interesting. It was good to get out the house and hear how others are doing.”

Quotes from Participants of Wild Hillfoots Women’s Aid Storytelling Session

“Joanne agreed to put on a storytelling event and a storytelling workshop in Legends as part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival in October and both events were a great success.  Joanne set her stories in the local area and referenced well known landmarks throughout them and her story telling was excellent – I could see the audience were pretty captivated.

I took part in the storytelling workshop and really enjoyed it as did all the attendees. Her guidance on taking guests through a story and adding the touches that make a story really come to life was brilliant.”

Events, Legends at the Monument

“I can’t speak highly enough about the lovely talk given at our meeting by Jo Dowd; she enthralled those present with her anecdotes and storytelling. I sincerely hope she will return in the future.”

Chair, Breathe Easy

“In the summer of 2019, Jo led a workshop for Primary 7 pupils based on the Ochil Fairy Tales.  The children took part in a variety of activities: painting scenes on stones, reciting poetry, listening to the stories being told and exploring the nature that is referred to in the tales.  The children were fascinated to learn about their local folklore and asked lots of questions.  It was a valuable experience for them to hear stories spoken and led them to explore storytelling techniques themselves.”

P. 7 Teacher, Redwell Primary School

“My son is in the local Cubs group and Joanne came along to tell the cubs a story about a local landmark then lead a walk there. The cubs really enjoyed the story and sat listening intently for the 15 – 20 minutes of the story, then really enjoyed the walk to see the Fox Boy statue that the story had been about.”

Mother, Alva Scouts