Our last session had the theme of “Favourites”.  We were treated to not one but two original poems composed by our talented members:  “To A Wife” and “The Old Kent Road”.  We also heard the “Twa Corbies” poem.

The tale of “Ras Medden” was shared, as was “The Hero of Largs” which involved a Viking invasion in the 13th Century!  Another of our team told her first ever story, “The Wee Fiddler”.  “As Meat Loves Salt” related the tale of a man with three daughters who asks them how much they each love him.

We also heard a short tale, “Four Spirits on the Black Horses”.  Said spirits are said to bring disease and death….

“The Caillach” told the legend of the ancient Scottish goddess of winter.  There are many stories about this mythical creature, who is also known as Beara and is part of Irish folklore too.

A ghost story, “Tait’s Tomb”, had us all hurrying home at the end of a highly enjoyable evening!