Team – Old Format

Joanne Dowd

Joanne Dowd, Director of Hillfoots Tales, has worked with the Scottish Storytelling Centre since 2017.

She has taken part in numerous live storytelling events; performances locally and in Edinburgh, has shared a stage with internationally renowned storytellers, as well as appearing to international audiences over zoom.

A Community Education Worker, interests include playwriting and she teaches creative writing classes locally. Joanne’s short stories have been published in literary magazines across Scotland and a number of her short plays have been performed in Edinburgh.

Her love of the local folklore and exploring the landscape keep her on her toes.


Laura Fyall

Laura Fyall has been involved with Hillfoots Tales since autumn 2020.  

Her interest lies in researching the culture and folklore associated with the old tales that we have all grew up listening to.   

After becoming involved she decided to try her hand at storytelling; starting by taking part in the online event Haunted Hillfoots where she recorded her debut performance of a story of witchcraft that has been passed down through her family for generations. 

Taking part in ‘Wild Hillfoots’ in 2021, allowed Laura to have her first live storytelling audience.


Tracey Macintosh

Tracey Macintosh is well-known in Scotland’s Tourist Industry, she joined Hillfoots Tales in 2020.

Originally from Glasgow, Tracey has lived in the local area for over 15 years and was intrigued to find an organisation actively working to find local stories and keep them alive through the tradition of oral storytelling.  

A year further on Tracey is now well and truly onboard. 

Having become involved with Hillfoots Tales she is looking forward to working with Jo and the team to develop the organisation and brings on board many years of experience in the events and tourism industries.


Eleanor Bell

Eleanor Bell is a mother and grandmother.  She works as an accountant and hobbies include paper crafting.

Eleanor has a flair for creative writing and often writes as a way of getting through challenges in life. Storytelling has a big place in Eleanor’s heart with fond memories of family gatherings when aunts and uncles told stories of their own childhood.  

Now a Granny herself, Eleanor values the importance of telling a story in person. 
Finding inspiration after attending and enjoying a few Hillfoots Tales events, Eleanor is taking it a step further and is one of our newest storytellers.